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Masking in Audiometry

Newbury College, Berkshire
RG14 7TD
Tracy James Audiology Training
20th June 2020
All day

Suitable for Teachers of the Deaf or Educational Audiologists who carry out audiometry routinely in their role. This 1 day training course will review the 3 rules of masking used during pure tone audiometry according to BSA procedures. It will include:

  • Theory of cross hearing and inter-aural attenuation
  • How and when to employ masking as part of routine audiometry
  • How to create a masking chart and grid
  • Symbols used in masking, and how to record your masking appropriately
  • Example audiograms and interpretation of when masking is required
  • Practice audiometry  and masking on each other / simulated.

More information is available here.