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MED-EL Hearpeers Webinars

9th March 2024
11:00am - 11:45am

An opportunity for those considering a cochlear implant for their child, or newly implanted child, to gain firsthand user insight.

Hosted by Paola, mother to Everly aged 2, who is a bilateral cochlear implant user

Paola had a good pregnancy and was delighted to meet her daughter when she arrived. Within hours of her arrival, Everly failed her newborn hearing screening test and two weeks later she was diagnosed as profoundly deaf in both ears with a sensorineural hearing loss.

Fast forward to today, and Everly loves her ‘magic ears’ which she received before her first birthday.

On this webinar, Paola will share Everly’s hearing journey from the moment they were given the news to the research they undertook to learn more and understand the process of Everly receiving her cochlear implants and device switch on.

Speaking to Paola about Everly’s life with implants, she tells us… We were very emotional at the beginning, not knowing what the future holds for her, but since receiving her cochlear implants she has made enormous progress. She can hear us when we call her name! Cochlear implant children can do everything!

Join us for this webinar on Saturday 9th March 2024 11:00am – 11:45am, which will also include a Q&A session where attendees will be able to ask any questions to Paola, or a clinical specialist.

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