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SSC: Introduction to smiLE Therapy

Scottish Sensory Centre (SSC)
9th February 2022
4:00pm - 5:00pm
Taster Session: a one-hour brief introduction to smiLE Therapy
This webinar will be of interest to Speech and Language Therapists, Speech and Language Therapists’ Assistants, Teachers, Occupational Therapists, SENCOs, Educational Psychologists and Education staff.
smiLE Therapy: Strategies & Measurable Interaction in Live English was created in 2002 to give deaf students a structured and meaningful way to learn essential communication and social skills for everyday use in the mainstream hearing world. Since 2009 smiLE Therapy has extended to client groups beyond deafness, to students with Autism, Down Syndrome, Developmental Language Disorders, Learning Difficulties and Physical Disability. It is now used in a range of mainstream and specialist school settings across primary, secondary, post 16 and 18-25 college settings. This taster will give an introduction to the therapy using video clips to illustrate before and after therapy outcomes.
Deaf students face disadvantages in everyday encounters in the hearing community, which are well documented in the research literature. These include fewer opportunities to learn social interaction skills, reduced strategies to repair communication breakdown and misunderstanding impacting on daily functioning. To date smiLE Therapy is the only established intervention that targets this, by building communicative and social skills resilience. Included, is work on transferring skills through school and family training to maximise impact. Every module has quantitative pre and post therapy outcome measures. Our aim is to share this innovation, the evidence behind it and our drive to improve outcomes for our stakeholders.

Karin Schamroth, Specialist Speech and Language Therapist, who worked in the NHS for 30 years.

• SmiLE Therapy Training email: [email protected]
Closing date for applications: 4th February 2022
Access Support: automatic captions only. BSL interpreting must be arranged by attendee.
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