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SSC Webinar – Update about the Recording Emerging Adulthood in Deaf Youth (READY) study

Scottish Sensory Centre
27th April 2021
4:00pm - 6:00pm

Date: Tuesday, 27th April 2021
Time: 4pm-6pm
Venue: Online
Cost: Free

Presenters, Rachel O’Neill, University of Edinburgh and Kieran Gemmell, deaf teacher of deaf children, and deaf young people will be talking about:

  • What the READY study is
  • The role of the deaf co-inquirers
  • Findings from the first year of the study
  • How your students can get involved in this important research project

The READY Study aims to follow at least 500 young deaf people* over a five year period to find out more about the varied pathways they take after the age of 16. This includes discovering what influences their choices and opportunities and what kinds of outcomes they achieve.

The kinds of outcomes The READY Study records are not just those associated with education or employment. We are also interested in how young people’s social networks and friendship groups may change, their wellbeing and what helps in achieving independence and making life choices they are happy with. The results of the study will be invaluable for service providers, parents/families and young deaf people themselves in understanding what can make a positive difference on the pathway from childhood to adulthood.

*By ‘deaf’ we mean any young person with any degree or kind of permanent deafness or hearing loss. These young people may or may not use hearing technologies such as hearing aids or cochlear implants and some of them will be sign language users.

Target Audience

Teachers of Deaf learners, parents, service providers, and third sector.

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