TJ Audiology Training: BSA Certificate in Basic Audiometry & Tympanometry (3 days)

Newbury College, Berkshire
RG14 7TD
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Tracy James Audiology Training
20th November 2024 - 22nd November 2024
All day

Audiometry and Tympanometry should only be undertaken by those whose job description specifically includes it, and where an employer has identified who is liable in the event of any claim for accident or injury etc.

This 3-day training course by TJ Audiology Training prepares delegates to carry out air conduction and bone conduction audiometry according to BSA procedure. It does not prepare delegates to carry out the masking procedure, and where masking is required, there must be local protocols in place for referral to a suitably qualified audiological professional. Otoscopy shall be carried out by the delegate to decide whether contraindications exist, and/or if there is any doubt about whether the procedure should continue. In such cases referral must be made to a suitably qualified audiological or medical professional.

Tympanometry shall be used as part of a battery of tests to identify any abnormalities of the middle or outer ear. This training course prepares delegates to interpret tympanometry traces and to explain results to patients/clients and/or refer appropriately. However, it is ultimately the responsibility of the supervisor/medical professional to ensure suitable ongoing management for the client.

This BSA accredited course will enable you to:

  • Perform otoscopy reliably and according to BSA recommended procedure
  • Undertake air conduction and bone conduction audiometry (without masking) and tympanometry and according to BSA recommended procedure
  • Carry out Stage A checks and understand the requirements for calibration of equipment
  • Operate a sound level meter and measure ambient noise levels
  • Interpret results and findings, recording results
  • Communicate results and findings to other professionals

A certificate will be awarded upon full attendance of the course, with successful completion of both the practical and written assessment.

For further details  email or to book a place on the course, please complete an online booking form.