TJ Audiology Training: Ear Wax Removal (Aural Care)

Newbury College, Berkshire
RG14 7TD
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Tracy James Audiology Training
17th September 2024 - 18th September 2024
All day

This 2 day course by TJ Audiology Training covers all aspects of ear wax removal (aural care), including the anatomy and physiology of the ear, and safe removal method (both irrigation and microsuction techniques). On day two of the course delegates will gain hands-on experience by performing wax removal procedures on patients from Tracy James Hearing.

This comprehensive course is suitable for registered professionals in the audiology, medical or nursing profession who are registered with a statutory body such as the HCPC, NMC, GMC, or on a PSA register such as the RCCP or AHCS). Non-registered health care professionals such as hearing and healthcare assistants (HCA) can also attend.

The course will train delegates in the following:
• Understanding of anatomy and physiology
• Contraindications for aural care
• Obtaining appropriate consent for the procedure to be performed
• Referral criteria and process
• Infection control and health and safety
• Safe techniques for aural examination using a range of equipment
• Knowledge of techniques and range of equipment available for aural care procedures
• Training in how to perform manual, irrigation and microsuction wax removal
• Perform correct and safe aural care using the most appropriate method(s) and equipment available to clear the external ear canal of wax or debris such as hair, keratin etc.
• Identify any underlying pathology and decide whether the ear has been satisfactorily treated, and whether further treatment or referral is needed
Training over 2 days to include training on anatomical examples before supervised training on real clients

Certificate to be awarded after a supervised training in the workplace along with a submitted evaluation of a case study
A minimum of 20 hours of classroom and online training is required, unless relevant prior learning and experience can be demonstrated. Such training must include an appropriate number of supervised practical sessions.

Supervised Practical Sessions
Further practice of ear wax removal (aural care) will be required to be carried out following the course, under the direct supervision of an experienced aural care practitioner. All practices will needs to be properly recorded in a logbook, so they can be substantiated. TJ Audiology Training will require a minimum of six successful practices of supervised aural care, along with a case study report, before training is considered complete and certificate is awarded.

For further details email or to book a place on the course, please complete an online booking form.