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Unfolding Theatre: North East Deaf Youth Theatre workshops

Jesmond Park Academy (drama studio)
Unfolding Theatre
18th February 2023
9:30am - 11:30am

Free monthly workshops aimed at deaf children and young people aged 5 – 16 in the region.


Following successful pilot workshops in summer 2022, Newcastle-based theatre company
Unfolding Theatre announce regular workshops for North East Deaf Youth Theatre.

North East Deaf Youth Theatre, which was founded in 2022, aims to provide a platform for deaf children and young people to express themselves through the medium of theatre, supporting them to develop their creative skills, build confidence and form new friendships.

Themed monthly sessions focus on a wide range of skills, including storytelling, filmmaking and puppetry and are led by Unfolding Theatre’s Creative Associate, EJ Raymond who is profoundly deaf and a BSL user.

“I set up North East Deaf Youth Theatre in response to the limitations I experienced when starting out in theatre”, said EJ. “I was told that deaf children can’t make or create theatre; that they can’t take part because they can’t hear the cues or the dialogue. This is completely wrong. Deaf young people can make and create theatre and – most importantly – they can do it by themselves. North East Deaf Youth Theatre provides the support to enable children to learn by themselves and offers deaf role models for inspiration”.

Annie Rigby, Unfolding Theatre’s Artistic Director said: “North East Deaf Youth Theatre is such a welcoming and supportive environment. And it’s pure joy from start to finish! The kids have brilliant, funny, imaginative story ideas and we have a blast helping them bring their ideas to life”.

Tickets for North East Deaf Theatre are free. Visit Unfolding Theatre website for further information and registration.

Further dates:

  • Saturday 18th March 2023
  • Saturday 22nd April 2023
  • Saturday 20th May 2023
  • Saturday 17th June 2023
  • Saturday 15th July 2023


9.30-11.30 am for ages 5-11

12-1 pm for ages 11-16