Information | 16.07.2020 | By paul_simpson

BATOD Post 16 (continuing the work of the former adept)

NATED, trading as adept, is closed. You can find many of the pages and resources which were on the adept website by clicking on the links below: The history of adept

However, the focus on Post 16 education continues through BATOD’s Post 16 Special Interest Group.

In September 2021 BATOD launched a new Training Bursary to support professionals who are not QToDs or ToDs in training, working with D/deaf learners.  This bursary allows BATOD members to access education/training related to deaf education to develop their skills and knowledge. The member would be otherwise totally self-funding, having received no financial support from their educational establishment or LA.

Download this document for further information and the application form –
Any questions – contact Jill Bussien via  [email protected]