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Press release: Mary Hare School celebrates GOOD care report from Ofsted 

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Press release

“Mary Hare School celebrates GOOD care report from Ofsted 

Mary Hare staff and students are celebrating this month as their Ofsted care inspection awarded the school’s residential provision as ‘Good’.

Mary Hare School provides education and residential care for over 230 deaf young people across Primary and Secondary school years. Earlier this month the school received positive news when their recent care inspection resulted in a very encouraging ‘Good’ Ofsted report. This report focuses on the care and residential experience of pupils, most of whom board at the school.

Feedback from the Ofsted report includes:

‘Leaders are ambitious for the children at the school. Parents and social workers are positive about the difference being at the school has made to children’s lives.’

‘Children are accepted for their diverse cultures and identities. This helps them to develop confidence, where this was lacking when they attended other schools… including how they feel about their deafness and what is important to them.’

‘Staff continued to offer support during COVID-19 restrictions… One child said of this period, ‘The school staff saved my life’.’

Peter Gale, Principal of Mary Hare, said ‘Pupils greatly enjoy their experience as boarders at Mary Hare and it is really good to see this recognised in this report. I am grateful to our care staff, who lead this provision and all the other departments and functions which contribute to this success.’

Robin Askew, Vice Principal of Care, said ‘It is very apparent that the provision has a positive impact on the academic, social, and emotional development of our pupils and this prepares our pupils well for transitioning to university, college or work. The report is testament to the hard work of all staff at Mary Hare’

The last care inspection took place at Mary Hare in 2019, with further routine inspections delayed due to Covid-19 restrictions. The inspection took place in March 2022 of the residential provision, under the social care common inspection framework, for pupils across Primary, Secondary and Sixth Form year groups. To read the full Ofsted report, visit the Mary Hare website at www.maryhare.org.uk