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Recruiting schools for research study on Mental Fatigue in Children with Sensory Loss in Educational Settings

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Support sought for research study on ‘Mental Fatigue in Children with Sensory Loss in Educational Settings’.

The study is conducted by Dr. Saima Rajasingam and Dr. Elena Sakkalou who are both lecturers in Psychology and Audiology at Anglia Ruskin University, in the School of Psychology, Sports Science and Vision and Hearing Sciences.

Overview of the research: “We aim to investigate mental fatigue in children with sensory loss in educational settings. We believe that mental fatigue may negatively impact the cognitive function, behaviour, and wellbeing of children with sensory loss, particularly in the classroom environment. 

We are recruiting children from schools with sensory services in years 4-6, as well as their teachers and parents. Parents and teachers will be asked to complete a few short questionnaires, and teachers can assist children in filling out their questionnaires if necessary. We would also like to recruit a peer of the children (in the same classroom) who does not have sensory loss for comparison purposes. The study is expected to take approximately 30 minutes to complete.  

The results of our research will be instrumental in providing insight into the challenges and mental fatigue experienced by children with sensory loss in classrooms. We hope that this study will inform teachers and schools about the implications for the wellbeing and school performance of these students. “

Click this link to download an information sheet about the study.