Resource | 15.02.2024 | By Teresa Quail

1a. Knowledge of Deaf history and culture

Deaf Children and Young People (DCYP) and families know about
• success and achievements of deaf people from the past to present
• how the rights of a deaf person have developed over time
• famous deaf people of the past (eg Thomas Edison, Kate Harvey, Annie Cannon, Ludwig van Beethoven, Franciso Goya)
• current role models (eg Rose Ayling-Ellis, Hermon and Heroda Berhane ‘Being Her)’ social media influencers, Jodie Ounsley)
• deaf events and organisations (eg Deaflympics, Deafinitely Theatre)

• books and films with deaf characters
• the history of deaf education from the past to present
• the debates and history around communication approaches
• the development of BSL and its recognition as a language.


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1b. Opportunities to meet with other deaf cyp, their families and deaf adults

1c.  Understand different perspectives on deafness

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Section 2 Communication, language, and literacy

Section 3 Understand access to sound

Section 4  Social, emotional, physical, and mental health

Section 5  Manage change

Section 6  Preparation for adulthood

Section 7 Specialist assessment and monitoring