Resource | 19.02.2024 | By Teresa Quail

1c. Understand different perspectives on deafness

Deaf Children and Young People (DCYP) and families know
•and understand the different terminology used to describe deafness eg Deaf ToD BATOD  ‘Moving towards using positive language around Deafness / Hard of Hearing’ publication
• that they can choose how they describe their deafness
• the importance of respecting the choices of others
• about the different models of disability – social and medical
• deaf rights and campaigns
• about the development of British Sign Language (BSL), its recognition as a language and the BSL Act (Scotland 2015, England 2022), and its impact on society
• the positives and negatives/advantages and disadvantages of being deaf, ‘deaf gain’
• their deafness in relation to other aspects of their identity (gender, sexuality, race, other).

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