Resource | 29.11.2017 | By Teresa Quail

Enquiries about Access Arrangements in MFL

A member writes:

I have a Yr 10 boy on my caseload with a moderate permanent conductive hearing impairment who also has significant articulation difficulties due to oral dyspraxia. His French teacher and I have discussed arrangements for the listening assessments and I’ve sent her the guidance we have about exam arrangements, but the teacher is worried about how to assess him fairly for speaking assessments when his speech can be unclear (particularly “s” and “s” clusters). Do you have any advice please?

The member was advised to contact the awarding body who replied as follows:

Students who have a significant and persistent impairment that affect speech are eligible for the following ‘reasonable adjustments’ in examinations. Students can be exempted from the speaking units of GCSE French.

Please complete an exemption form.

A special award will be made to compensate for the missing element. There will be an indication on the certificate that a candidate was exempt from fulfilling all the assessment objectives in this subject.

The member was given an email address and postal address to which to send the form.


*Please note this query is quite a specific example. When there are concerns around speech being unclear, then an exemption from this part of the assessment could be considered.