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BATOD 2023 National Webinar and AGM

BATOD National Webinar and AGM

23rd March 2023 – 1830-2000

Join current BATOD President Martine Monksfield and BATOD President Elect Sue Denny for the BATOD national AGM and presidential handover. This will then be followed by a presentation  from established international speakers; Professor Louise Paatsch and the National Association of  Australian Teachers of the Deaf’s Chair, Dr Kaye Scott, entitled: ‘Supporting pragmatic skills in deaf and hard-of-hearing students during peer-to-peer interactions’.


18:30 – 18:55 BATOD Annual General Meeting

18:55 – 19:00 Sponsor presentation – Phonak

19:00 – 19:40 Keynote presentation – Professor Louise Paatsch and Dr Kaye Scott

19:40 – 19:55 Live question and answer session

19:55 – 20:00 Closing remarks

Thank you to our sponsors