About | 01.11.2017 | By Paul Simpson

BATOD expenses policy

BATOD contributes to travel and subsistence expenses for members to attend meetings to which they are invited. BATOD only contributes to actual expenditure supported by original itemised receipts where the costs incurred are reasonable.

Only claims for the cheapest form of travel are supported: public transport (Second Class or Economy Class) or private vehicle if necessary. The lower rate is paid regardless of the transport used e.g. members may wish to use their car for convenience and where this is the cheapest form of travel a mileage allowance will be paid. BATOD will contribute to fuel and wear/tear costs at a rate of 30p per mile*. If this is not the cheapest method of travel, the standard public transport cost will be paid e.g. Second Class rail fare. Related and necessary taxi and car parking charges are taken into account when considering the whole claim.

Claimants may wish to upgrade their travel arrangements but BATOD will only reimburse up to the cost of the standard public fare.

Claimants are asked to ensure that they book in sufficient time to benefit from cheaper advance fares.

*Mileage claims must include postcodes and are to be within 10% of the journey calculated by the publicly available mileage distances from the AA http://www.theaa.com/route-planner/index.jsp

BATOD contributes to the cost of overnight accommodation if it is unavoidable and the stay has been approved.

Overnight accommodation outside London – up to £95 per night. In London the rate is up to £120 per night.Subsistence: For an evening meal up to £15 can be claimed; up to £7 each can be claimed for breakfast and lunch.

Other expenses

Reasonable sundry costs e.g. postage and stationery can be reimbursed on production of original receipts.

Individual circumstances will always be taken into account. Please contact the Treasurer or National Executive Officer if necessary.

Date of policy: September 2017

Date to review: September 2020