Information | 29.06.2021 | By paul_simpson

Draft initial update of “Features of Effective Services” – for heads of service

Please note: This content has been archived and therefore may no longer be up-to-date or relevant. It is kept online for your convenience. If you have any questions, please contact us.

BATOD is updating its ‘Features of effective services” document to reflect changes which have occurred during the number of years since it was first published. We are very keen to draw on the experience of current heads of service in updating it. (The archived version is here on the BATOD website:

The purpose of the document is to bring into one place the key features of an effective service to reflect the roles and activities of services across the UK and in all types and sizes of local authority. The document should be useful for all heads of service and should provide particular support for heads of service who are not from a deaf education background.

Click here to read the preliminary document on which we would appreciate the comments of heads of service. Please let us know by responding via this survey monkey link:

We are keen to ensure its relevance to all four nations of the UK as well as to all types, population and size of local authority so please bear that in mind in your responses.

The document is currently in the form of a series of bullet points but the intention is to produce a more narrative-type of document once all aspects have been considered.