Information | 25.06.2023 | By Teresa Quail

Can a candidate leave the exam room before their extra time is complete?

Query “Can a candidate leave the exam room before their extra time is complete?”

BATOD contacted JCQ for clarification.

JCQ advised “As per the JCQ publication Instructions for conducting examinations, as opposed to the JCQ publication Access Arrangements and Reasonable Adjustments, where an examination is an hour or more in duration the candidate may leave the examination room no earlier than 10 am for a morning examination and no earlier than 2.30 pm for an afternoon examination.  This would be one hour after the awarding body’s published starting time for the examination.

If the candidate is adamant that he/she has finished the examination, and depending on the centre’s policy, then he/she could leave the examination room after 10 am or after 2.30 pm (as above).

However, if this became a regular occurrence then it would have to be investigated by the SENCo.”

It is noted too “More than 25% extra time and up to a maximum of 50% is a rare and exceptional access arrangement which requires a compelling and substantial picture of need.  It is based on the candidate’s normal way of working in internal school tests and mock examinations.  So, if the candidate is suddenly not utilising the extra time allowance each time he/she sits examinations then the SENCo needs to investigate why.”