Information | 18.02.2023 | By Teresa Quail

Can a deaf student be disapplied from GCSE English exams?

BATOD response

As a QToD, BATOD recommends the following questions are considered to help inform the process:

Is the query arising due to school concerned about league tables showing pupils not achieving a GCSE?

Any discussion about whether to enter a CYP for an exam should not include the issue of deafness. Evidence that this is not the sole decision making factor should be provided as there is a responsibility to adhere to the Equality Act (DDA NI).

As the specialist teacher (QToD), do you think the learner has no possibility of success in the GCSE?

How has the learner performed in mock exams?

Is your view it would be harmful for the learner to undertake it?

Is there existing case study evidence with the service of such a recommendation been made by the service for other candidates?

Has there been direct engagement with the awarding body about the query? For example, regarding GCSE English, one awarding body website under ‘previous learning and prerequisites’  says ‘any requirements for entry to a course based on this specification are at the discretion of schools and colleges’ but then it talks about the outcomes building on content taught at KS3. Therefore, BATOD would emphasise the importance in your QToD capacity of the knowledge of assessments from previous years. Have any past assessments, such as SATs, not been completed? Despite the provision of access arrangements, has the learner been unable to access the primary education assessments? Will the awarding body, accept that documentation as supporting evidence?

To inform the ultimate decision of the school, has the parent and young person been involved in meetings to discuss this?