Resource | 19.10.2023 | By Teresa Quail

Read Aloud – do you know about this access arrangement and when it can be used?

Read Aloud is when the candidate can read out loud to themselves. They can read aloud texts and questions or but also their own writing. Reading out loud will support the candidate to process what they are reading and also it may help them to spot any mistakes in their own writing.

As the arrangement needs to reflect the candidate’s normal way of working, it should be in place for all assessments and mock exams, as well as for external exams. Reading out loud does not come naturally for some and so ideally the candidate would need to have opportunities to read aloud regularly. This should be in a separate, quiet room i.e. separate invigilation.

A candidate who would usually have a reader, but cannot make use of a reader for assessments testing reading (or parts of papers that assess reading) can have 50% extra time and may read aloud during this time, which will help with processing what they are reading. This must be accommodated by separate invigilation.