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Technology tips – Supporting learners who are deaf during the Covid-19 pandemic

For Teaching Assistance and Teachers of the Deaf who are working with students in schools 

Thank you to Dominic Caswell  (DToD & Ed Aud) for the contribution
In my provision based in a mainstream school, we have 1:1 staff for supporting our HI students, all in one (large) room so having 4 different lessons sounds coming out of 4 different computer speakers is not going to be productive to anyone’s learning.  We set up that each student uses their radio aid to hear the teacher and the TA/Ed Coms use the MyLink or MLx Audio checker (with Link) to “hop” onto the students radio aid to listen in and then are able to support students… This enables students to hear with the optimal clarity in a quiet environment – Just be aware that the TA devices use the 2.5mm audio port not the 3.5mm audio port so either the correct size headphone plug or an adaptor is required. Also it cannot be used while charging.

Furthermore, on the issue of talking to teachers when the audio port is used: when joining the “meeting” on the joining page, you can change the default microphone (and speakers etc) to a different device such as the computer’s microphone and not the audio port.

Contributions from the Assistive Listening Technology Group

BATOD & UK Assistive Listening Technology Working Group

BATOD and the UK Assistive Listening Technology Working Group have published this document which summarises care and maintenance of equipment, including radio aids, but signposts to manufacturers and other websites for the latest information.

Cleaning hearing devices and radio aids – supporting health and safety during Covid-19 v5


Contribution from BATOD member: Emma Parker

Technology update presented at June 2021 BATOD webinar series


Contributions from Delyth Crook- Educational Audiologist and QToD, member of BATOD East committee

Potential template for use by others:


Contributions from NDCS

As there are so many different products the NDCS are unable to make videos for each products so they created the following library of  video tutorials from each manufacturer and published them as playlists on their YouTube channel.

Phonak products

Cochlear products

Oticon products

GN ReSound products

Reminder – NDCS shared these links via one of their lockdown/home-schooling blogs.




Direct audio streaming from a compatible Apple or Android device is possible with the N7 via the Nucleus Smart App.

You can stream from an Apple iPad or Apple or Android Smartphones:

You cannot directly Bluetooth to an auxiliary device.  To stream audio from a laptop etc you can connect the MiniMic 2+.




Roger Technology

Using Roger Technology for classroom speech to text solutions

Using Roger Multi Media Hub in the Classroom


Ipads (CALL Scotland)

Resources for Other disability profile needs –