Resource | 18.02.2023 | By Teresa Quail

Wording is sometimes inaccessible on assessments for primary aged children. What involvement does BATOD have with their production?

BATOD response:

The Standards and Teaching Agency (STA) do employ people to look at accessibility. STA opt not to recruit BALMs (BATOD Accrediated Language Modifiers).

All SATs papers are put through a lot of processes. There are teachers’ panels and  inclusion expert panels. They are piloted in a large number of schools with populations that include the school’s SEND pupils.
At all panels, especially the inclusion expert panel, wording suggestions are made. Wording that may be deemed inappropriate may be allowed as it uses vocabulary or phraseology that is in the curriculum and should therefore have been taught.
If QToDs have a specific comment related to deaf pupils in a specific paper, please do share your comments with STA via email [email protected] or the National curriculum assessments helpline 0300 303 3013