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Two ear level/wireless FM receivers or just one?

Please could you let me know if you routinely provide children with two ear level/wireless FM receivers, or only one?

  • Always two - unless there are reasons to try just one (eg asymmetric loss)

  • If they are prescribed two hearing aids - then always two.
    Working with older students - as they approach transition to alternative education post 16 or post 18 we encourage the student to 'experiment' with their radio aid system as and when to use - how to use etc so they can make informed choices about future technology they might wish to pursue. Some play with the idea of one on one off - but almost always opt for both longterm.

  • MLXi receivers are issued to each of the child's hearing aids depending on how responsible these children are in giving accurate feedback on any issues/problems/interference they experience.

  • This is an important point. They should always be set up using a test box followed by rigorous objective and subjective evaluation and on-going monitoring of effective use. Wendy McCracken's recent research on effective FM use has important lessons for everyone to note.