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Deafblindness: where do we come from, where are we, and where are we going?

with Claes Möller

Claes Möller

Claes Möller is professor in medical disability research and audiology at Örebro University and the Swedish Institute for Disability Research. He has worked during 20 years with syndromal deafness, deafblindness with a main focus on Usher syndrome. Together with Kimberling and Colleagues, he has been responsible for clinical assessment of different Usher syndrome types, which have made it possible to link clinical and genetic research leading to discoveries of mutations and cloning of genes. Prof. Möller has directed the largest prevalence study of Usher syndrome with over 400 patients which have been clinically and genetically evaluated. He is chairman of the board of Journal of International Audiology and chairman of the Nordic Audiological Society. He has also participated in several EU-projects concerning genetic deafness.

This is the recording link to the Phonak iLEARN and the Ear Foundation Twilight Lecture : 1 hour 12 mins which took place on Thursday 3rd April at 5.30 pm UK Time.

Chris Cartwright, Training & Education Manager, Phonak UK