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PRESS RELEASE 6th December 2005

In a written parliamentary answer, Ruth Kelly, the Secretary of State for Education and Skills, has responded to the recent STRB report and supported its recommendation that the Department draws up guidance about SEN allowances. BATOD is specifically named in the recommendation and we look forward to participating in this consultation.

Here is an extract from the report and her response:

Special Educational Needs (SEN) Allowances

The STRB has recommended the following:

We recommend:

  • an increase of 2.5% from September 2006 and a further increase of 2.5% from September 2007 in the value of SEN allowances;
  • that the Department draw up guidance, in consultation with all interested parties, including BATOD, on how the payment of higher-level SEN allowances might take account of the enhancement of the teaching of SEN pupils brought about by specialist qualifications.

    Secretary of State: "I welcome the recommended application of the same percentage uplift to SEN allowances as to the other parts of the pay system. I note that the STRB has repeated its recommendation about guidance on specialist qualifications, which was made in 2004 and which was put on hold pending the review of the management allowance system. I am content that this matter should now be discussed with relevant parties.

    Paul Simpson, Secretary December 2005