Information | 29.11.2017 | By paul_simpson

Access Arrangements for Scotland

Details for access arrangements for assessments can be found on the website of the Scottish Qualifications Authority

As opposed to referring to these as access arrangements, the term used in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, the SQA refer to them as Assessment Arrangements.

In the direct link to the information from the Scottish Qualifications Authority you will find several useful documents.

  • Introduction to Assessment Arrangements
  • Assessment Arrangements Explained
  • Digital Question Paper Guidance
  • Using Sign in SQA Examinations
  • English as an Additional Language in SQA examinations
  • Assessment Arrangements Adapted Question Papers
  • Assessment Arrangements Guidance for Candidates and Parents
  • Equality Act

SQA can be contacted via email: [email protected]
or by telephone – 0345 213 6890 Information as at February 2013