Resource | 23.03.2020 | By Teresa Quail

Resources – Supporting deaf education

BATOD welcomes resource contributions from professionals working in deaf education

For Teaching Assistance and Teachers of the Deaf who are working with students in schools 

Thank you to Dominic Caswell  (DToD & Ed Aud) for the contribution
In my provision based in a mainstream school, we have 1:1 staff for supporting our HI students, all in one (large) room so having 4 different lessons sounds coming out of 4 different computer speakers is not going to be productive to anyone’s learning.  We set up that each student uses their radio aid to hear the teacher and the TA/Ed Coms use the MyLink or MLx Audio checker (with Link) to “hop” onto the students radio aid to listen in and then are able to support students… This enables students to hear with the optimal clarity in a quiet environment – Just be aware that the TA devices use the 2.5mm audio port not the 3.5mm audio port so either the correct size headphone plug or an adaptor is required. Also it cannot be used while charging.

Furthermore, on the issue of talking to teachers when the audio port is used: when joining the “meeting” on the joining page, you can change the default microphone (and speakers etc) to a different device such as the computer’s microphone and not the audio port.


Inferential reading in BSL

Jamie Dow, a deaf teacher from St Roch’s HS in Glasgow has kindly shared his BSL teaching resource on inferential reading as he is an English teacher working with deaf pupils.

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